Final team practice

Date: Saturday 5th September (replacing normal classes)

Location: St Mark’s Church Hall, Malacoota Rd, Northbridge


9.00am – Littlies
9.30am – 5-6 years (all)
10.30am – 7-8 years Black
11.15am – 7-8 years Pink
12.00pm – 7-8 years White
12.45pm – 9-10 years Black
1.30pm – 9-10 years Pink
2.15pm – 9-10 years White
3.00pm – 11-12 years Black
3.45pm- 11-12 years Pink
4.30pm – 13-15 years
5.30pm finish

Note: attendance is compulsory for all team members. Please let us know as soon as possible if you are unable to attend and we may be able to organise an alternative time.

Seniors and Ladies classes are cancelled on this date. Alternative classes will be arranged.